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Buses are rollin' September 24th

Call for Pick Up

(718) 453-4452

What is Metro World Kids?

Metro World Kids runs two types of Sunday School programs - Sidewalk Sunday School & Indoor Sunday School.

Our Sidewalk Sunday School programs are held outdoors in various neighborhoods throughout the city, including the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Our Indoor Sunday School program is located at 871 Bushwick Ave in Brooklyn and starts on Saturdays at 11:30am.  Free bus transportation is available for this program in certain areas of Brooklyn.

Metro World Kids programs are all structured in the same way.  Each program consists of a fun time for songs, games & a simple, relevant life-lesson teaching from the Bible.  Generally, Metro World Kids programs run for roughly 60 minutes, but may be shortened when necessary to accommodate the weather. All families with children of age 3-12 are welcome to join.

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