Here they are - the winners for our PS4 Slim Raffle!!!!

Congrats to EVERYONE who entered the contest!  We've got a total of 9 prize-winners to announce...

GRAND PRIZE - PS4 Slim & $20 PSN Gift Card WINNER: Amirah Jones!

The Winners for our Runner-up Prizes of Converse Backpacks are...

Alex Gonzales from The Bronx

Antoinette McDowad from Staten Island

Blossum Guzman from The Bronx

Jayden Lyons from Brooklyn

Jeremiah Camacho from Manhattan

Lisette Medel from The Bronx

Mesiah Parham from Brooklyn

Selena Torres from The Bronx

So keep checking our website ALL SUMMER LONG because we've got a lot of other fun things, raffles, prizes, challenges & much, much, more in store!!!  This isn't the end...this is only the BEGINNING!!!

Have a safe, happy & super blessed SUMMER!